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Nuestros servicios de maternidad se distinguen por su profesionalismo y calidez en la atención, respaldados por la experiencia de un grupo de médicos y enfermeras.


Maternity plans:

  • Vaginal delivery
  • Vaginal delivery with epidural anesthesia
  • Cesarean delivery with epidural anesthesia
  • Multiple births (vaginal or cesarean)

Includes the following services:

  • Use of the Delivery Room (60 minutes) or Operating Room (90 minutes).
  • Use of the Recovery Room for Caesarean Section (60 minutes).
  • Inputs and medications whose use is considered basicand necessary during delivery, post-partum and hospitalization for the mother and newborn.
  • Use of the open incubator during the first hour.
  • One day of hospitalization.
  • Care for the newborn by specialized nurses.
  • Assistance with personal needs, assisted bathing, hygiene and comfort, perineal cleansing,and health education.
  • Advice on care of the umbilicus and skin, vaccination, screening, breastfeeding promotion, positions for breastfeeding,and problem prevention (cracked or inverted nipples, mastitis,and obstructed ducts). 
  • Application of the B.C.G. vaccine and first dose of Hepatitis B, Vitamin K, Direct Coombs test, hemogram, and the baby’s blood group and Rh factor.
  • Articlesfor care and bathing of the newborn.
  • Hearing screening for the baby. 
  • A single useof the photobilirubinometer for the baby.
  • Meals for the mother (breakfast, lunch,and dinner); the companion will have a meal, which he/she may choose  (breakfast, lunchor dinner).
  • MY FIRST MEMORIES: includes a CD with pictures of the family and newborn.
  • Free Parking.

Care during delivery:

Our delivery room has a private and friendly environment, very appropriate for giving birth. We strive to provide care and comfort for baby and mother, who during the entire process can have with her a person she trusts.

Fetal monitoring rooms:

Obstetric nurses assess results and report them to treating physicians.


Breastfeeding clinic

We offer advice on:

  • Feeding your newborn
  • Techniques and positions for breastfeeding
  • Breast complications
  • Stimulation and production of breast milk
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Care for Teenage Mothers
  • Breast milk extraction and storage
  • Special situations

Course on preparation for motherhood and fatherhood 

This program is aimed at expecting families that wish to acquire the necessary  knowledge to handle one of the most transcendental life events in the best possible way: the arrival of a new family member.

The course includes discussions with different professionals, such as a nutritionist, gynecologist, neonatologist, the physical therapy team and a psychologist, as well as an obstetric nurse, all of whom give talks and clear up any doubts you may have, turning the course into a dynamically interactive experience between the family and the institution.


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