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Immunization Center

The importance of vaccines

Newborns, babies, and small children are constantly exposed to other people’s germs. Babies will be protected for a few weeks after birth by antibodies that crossed the mother’s placenta before they were born, but this natural protection will disappear after a short period of time.

Vaccines help protect babies, children, and adults against many infections that used to be very common. Many such infections can cause serious and/or potentially life-threatening diseases and can result in life-long disabilities. Thanks to vaccines, these conditions are now infrequent.

For travellers
When you travel, you are unwittingly exposed to other countries’ diseases. It is important for you to know which vaccines to get before travelling.

Influenza is the most frequent infection during travel. Ask the Immunization Center at Hospital Hotel La Católica about this.

Remember to take with you your vaccine record when travelling internationally, because some countries will require this document.