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Magnetic Resonance

Sharp images of the internal human body are created using a magnetic resonance procedure. It represents a non-invasive and highly accurate imaging technique for medical diagnoses; in contrast to X-Rays and computerized tomography, no radiation is used.

The technique is used for the following studies:

  • Nervous system: 

    Brain, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral and coccyx spine Skeletal and muscular system: upper and lower extremities, joints and soft tissue (shoulder, knee, hand, ankle, thigh, leg, elbow, wrist, finger, etc.) /p>

  • Sistema Musculoesquelético: 

    Miembros superiores e inferiores, articulaciones y tejidos blandos (hombro, rodilla, mano, tobillo, muslo, pierna, codo, muñeca, dedo, etc.).

  • Vascular system: 

    Skull (brain, angioresonance), neck, chest, abdomen (cholangiography and diffusion), pelvis, breasts, temporomandibular joints.
    Anyone can have a magnetic resonance exam, except people with metallic implants, such as  plates, clips, sutures, ear prostheses, cardiac pacemakers or other implanted devices.

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