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We offers treatments for people with chronic kidney disease and for inpatients or outpatients with acute renal failure.
Our Hemodialysis Unit offers quality and safety in the processes related directly to the patient, guaranteeing satisfaction for both the patient and his family.

In the Hemodialysis Unit we perform the Hemodialysis Session, to the following patients:

Patients that come from your home.
Patients that come from other countries for tourism matters.
Patients that come from another hospital or institution.

Patients with stable condition, hospitalized that may require hemodialysis sessions.
In the case of patients hospitalized in Intensive Care who, due to their critical condition, require hemodialysis and the session can be performed in the same intensive care room.

To be evaluated by the nephrologist doctor accredited by our institution and have the indication of the Hemodialysis in the clinical file.
Have recent lab test results.

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We have nurses at 24/7 with the training required to perform this procedure.

The Hemodialysis Unit has a Fresenius equipment with state-of-the-art technology in this area.Budget of session or by package to (506)2246-3035 or