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Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank

Our qualified and committed clinical lab staff  provides reliable, prompt and high-quality results to our clients, using modern equipment.


  • Home visits
  • Contracts with businesses
  • Delivery of results by email or fax
  • Clinical studies       

Analytical areas: 

  • Studies of blood elements and structural and biochemical disorders that could cause illness (Hematology)
  • Study of the various defense mechanisms in the body against external threats (Immunology and Hormones)
  • Study of bacterial morphology, genetics and biochemistry, drug sensitivity testing, blood cultures with continuous monitoring (Bacteriology)
  • Immunological processes associated with blood elements (Immunohematology)
  • Measurement of chemical components in blood and urine (Clinical Chemistry)
  • Study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi (Microbiology)
  • Physical, chemical, and microscopic urine tests (Urine analyses)

Blood bank:

  • Pre-transfusion and antibody tests
  • Self-donation of your own blood, for later use during surgery (autologous donation)
  • Removal of autoimmune disease-causing antibodies from the blood (therapeutic apheresis)
  • Procedures for patients having excessive red blood cells (therapeutic phlebotomy)
  • Blood donation campaigns in businesses
  • Blood typing for driving license requirements.

The Hospital also has a voluntary blood donation program, of an altruistic and habitual nature in various companies under the slogan “Every Drop Counts”, due to the importance of contributing to health in the community.


Frequent questions

  • Do all lab tests require fasting?

    No, only certain tests such as lipid profiles (including cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol), glucose (blood sugar) and insulin.

  • How long can I wait after collecting a urine sample before I need to take it to the lab? 

    Urine samples should be collected in sterile containers and taken to the lab as soon as possible, no later than one hour after collection.

  • Do I need an appointment at the lab?

    No, you can show up at any time. Tests will be carried out if you comply with requirements, if any.

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