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Medical Tourism

A perfect combination of health and holidays

Costa Rica is full of natural wonders, unique in the world, an oasis of exuberant natural beauty and panoramic views. It’s a peaceful land, having no army, a strong economy, developed infrastructure, and a highly trained workforce in technology.

Aside from being a wonderful vacation spot, Costa Rica has become a favorite destination for thousands of tourists from the United States, Canada and Europe, who have saved large amounts of money for surgeries that are much more expensive in their home countries. Such surgeries, medical check-ups, and rehabilitation procedures are currently an important attraction for a series of related services (lodging, transport, beauty treatments, recovery, and nutrition).

Hospital La Católica introduced a novel and unique concept in the country, where the inpatient stay can be transformed into an agreeable experience. It offers a comfortable environment so the patient feels a combined hotel experience with his or her hospital stay for medical care.

Traveling to a country such as Costa Rica for a medical intervention or procedure is not only easier on your pocket, but it is also attractive because of the high quality of available medical services. Our hospital has been accredited by PROMED (Council for the International Promotion of Medical Services).

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