Call Center: (506) 2246-3000.

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Customer Service

Our Customer Service Department can provide the advice and information on administrative and medical services that you might need.

We have information stands at each of the Hospital’s main entry points, where Customer Service representatives are available for you to provide any information you might need. Our staff is trained to take your call, in Spanish or in English.

We will provide you personalized service through our Call Center. Please contact us by email:, fax:  (506) 2246-3184, Whatsapp: (506) 8830-6765 or phone: (506) 2246-3000.

For cost and budgeting advice, a special area for surgical quotes is available. Please contact us by phone at (506) 2246-3186 or by

All our Customer Service staff works for the Service Accountability Department, where we will receive all your doubts, concerns, suggestions or messages of congratulations and these will be promptly answered. We also have suggestion boxes in common areas and waiting rooms. Please contact us by phone at (506) 2246-3181 or by email at: